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CanadianSponsors.com is an innovative Canadian web affiliate and advertising network providing a Canadian source to both advertisers and web publishers for Canadian based web advertising solutions. For the advertiser CanadianSponsors.com provides a no risk Cost-Per-Action solution to their web advertising needs on our Canadian website affiliate network. For Canadian website & newsletter publishers CanadianSponsors.com provides a ready base of Canadian based and Canadian focused Cost-Per-Action advertising that will generate significant advertising revenue for your site. Cost-Per-Action simply means that no advertising costs are incurred until a specified action such as visiting a website, signing up to receive a newsletter, completing a form, requesting a sample, or completing a sale is completed.

1250 Pinecrest Rd #2
Ottawa K2C 3P5

Phone: (613) 297-2093
Fax: (613) 482-4592

(Official Home site)
@ @
@ @

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